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Lactation Cookies

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Our Bakery

Greetings! Baked on Bryant was born out of a love of baking combined with making batches and batches of lactation cookies for a friend of mine feeding her twins.  I had a lot of opportunity to try new flavor combinations! 


In 2019 I started eating a low FODMAP diet, which introduced me to gluten-sensitive baking, as wheat is a high-FODMAP food. 

With this specialty baking knowledge I started Baked on Bryant to provide a wide range of baked goods for a wide range of dietary needs!




I've developed a number of gluten-sensitive treats for those following a low-gluten or low-FODMAP diet.  Although I am careful, I still bake with flour in the kitchen, so cross-contamination is possible.  I cannot guarantee that products are gluten-free for those with celiac disease.